It has been just over a week since Nepal was struck by a 7.8 Earthquake. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and needs your help in recovering. There were countless houses, temples/heritage sites destroyed, many people lost (6,600+) or injured (14,000+). It will take years to rebuild Nepal and we will need help.

I immigrated to USA from Nepal 9 years ago and was present in Kathmandu (for vacation) when the earthquake occurred and I saw the disaster with my own eyes. It was the worst and scariest experience that I’ve ever felt. Me and my family had to live outside on a farm under a tarp for nearly 3 days, not knowing when the next big one would hit, and fearing our house would crumble. We cooked, ate, and slept there, with mosquitoes, and rain.

I am starting this donation run to help local clubs help people in Nepal distribute daily necessary items, including tarp, food, medicine and clean drinking water, for the ones that are affected by earthquake.

You may have donated to other causes already, but every small amount counts as we may need help for a long time.

Please join me in helping this cause and help Nepal recover from this disaster.

Or send this link to your friends, family, colleagues to let them know where they can donate from.

Thank you.
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Other places you may want to consider donation:
Operation Relief Nepal
Giftmandu – Nepal Earthquake Relief Package (5 Essential Foods)
Salvation Army USA
Red Cross USA

some facts about the earthquake: